7 Common Questions About Personal Loan

Every day thousands of people look for personal loans, but not everyone understands exactly how this credit modality works. It is common to receive doubts here in the blog, in our social networks, by e-mail and even by telephone.

Thinking of helping these people, we separate seven very common doubts among those who seek credit.


  1. What is personal loan?

Personal loan is a form of credit offered by banks or financial institutions. In this option there are not so many conditions for customers. In general, the person making a personal loan application goes through a credit analysis, which lets you know if he or she will be able to pay.


  1. How much can I borrow?

The maximum loan amount available considers several variables, with income being only one of them. The value of the personal loan can vary between R2500 and R $ 50 thousand.


  1. Can I have more than one loan at a time?

Yes, but this depends on the financial analysis made by the institution and other factors will also be considered. It is also worth remembering that before taking a new credit you should check if you can really afford both.


  1. Who can ask?

The loan can be requested by persons of legal age who have a checking account and can prove income. However, every request goes through a credit analysis and the application does not guarantee approval.


  1. Can you ask to be negative?

There are institutions that work with lines of credit for negatives, but in this case the interest rates are high and there are more restrictions on the limit and the term of payment.


  1. If my name is not denied, am I automatically approved?

No. The absence of restrictions in the CPF is not the only determinant factor for credit approval.


  1. What is the interest rate?

It depends. In addition to having a difference from one institution to another, in some, the rate may vary according to the credit analysis. Remember also to always look at the CET (Total Effective Cost) of the loan. It is in it that you have all the costs involving the payment of the requested amount.