7 Myths About Personal Loan

When it comes to money, everyone has an opinion, does not it? Now if you’re talking about personal loan, you might hear some myth out there. Let us then demystify some things about this subject?


Myths About Personal Loan

  1. Very high rates

How many times have you heard someone saying that taking a loan was not a good idea because the interest rates are too high? For what few people notice is that the check and the rotary of the card, for example, are types of loans. When you fall into them you end up paying much higher interest than personal credit.


  1. Must make early deposit

If, when speaking of a loan, someone asks you for an advance deposit as collateral, run away from it, for it is trapped. This practice is illegal.


  1. Do without consulting Serasa / SPC

Every lender makes a credit assessment when it comes to offering a loan. What changes is that some institutions offer money even to those who are negative and thus sell the product with much higher interest rates because the risk of default is higher.


  1. Can I use proof of income from another person

The personal loan is made with a single CPF and the data for your hiring must be referring to this person who is taking the credit. This means that even if your family income is higher, what will be considered in the credit analysis will be your personal income.


  1. Only consigned

There is a payroll loan, but there is also an uncollected personal loan. In the first the public are retired and pensioners and the payment installments are deducted directly from the payroll. In the second case it is possible to take the credit even if it is an autonomous one, for example, as long as there is proof of income and if it passes the credit analysis.


  1. Needs warranty

There are secured financing arrangements, but this is not the case with uncollected personal loans. In this format the money is released through credit analysis, without needing to leave a good as guarantee of payment. While the secured loan can offer larger loans with slightly lower interest rates, the personal loan gives you the security of not losing the asset in case of late installments.


  1. Cannot do online

Making personal loan online is already a yes reality!